Artist Statement

New York City and the Hudson Valley is my home,  and my canvases tell my story. I am a native New Yorker and live in Manhattan, on the Upper West Side. My paintings have strong narrative, with a liminal quality.  I want the viewer to be emotionally involved,  drawn into the narrative of the painting and enjoy the beauty of the color, form and paint, and always the light and shadow..

The mysterious aspect of city life, expresses my love and awe at the challenges of the city.

Women's inner conflicted feelings about their roles in society represented  by semi-alive mannequins in shop windows, surrounded by the lures and traps of lovely "feminine" objects, often with the reflections of the  outer world of the city on the shop window, is an ongoing theme.

The imaginary life of children is another ongoing area of visual exploration.. "A Child's Dream" takes place in a dollhouse in which each room has an aspect of childhood, and "A Child's Ocean Adventure" which takes place in a bathtub. A bookcase full of toys holds our idols of adulthood. No child appears in this series; the paintings express the inner life of children.

Acrylic on canvas and true Egg Tempera on traditionally prepared panel are my favorite media.



At the Hudson acrylic on canvas 24" x 30 " Rachel Lulov Segall

At the Hudson acrylic on canvas 24" x 30 " Rachel Lulov Segall